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Updated Pinochle Options
I have a few key suggestions that will really help make WoC Pinochle the best Pinochle app on the market. We really need a custom meld table (at least for private tables). The flow of WoC and many other Pinochle games is hampered by the use of single deck melds for double deck pinochle games. In an email to Holger, I attached a .pdf of tournament rules from the WPA (World Pinochle Association). The meld is on pg. 5. I've also included an image of the WPA Melds. You'll notice key differences like the value of a single run being 25 and a single pinochle being 15. But there are other differences as well. These updated melds make the game flow much faster and make the game more realistic. Karman's Pinochle and NeuralPlay Pinochle both have customizable meld tables. There should also be a set limit (usually 2 or 3 sets). Typically, if a team gets set 3 times the game is over. This adds a whole new dimension to the game, especially late in the game. Karman's Pinochle and NeuralPlay both have implemented set limits. Turning a boston (also called 'Win All Tricks', sometimes referred to as 'Pinochle'). This is when one team takes all of the trick points. The game should be over, as long as the team isn't in the hole (negative points). So a simple option like 'Win All Tricks' and being able to set it to the same number of points as the game limit would be fine. Karman's Pinochle and NeuralPlay Pinochle have similar options. Also, it'd be great to be able to change the number of points needed to win. Experienced players (when playing with multiple teams) often play a variation called 'Rise and Shine' where the game ends at 350 points. It'd be nice to have a few options. Karman's Pinochle, Trickster cards, and NeuralPlay Pinochle are some games that have this option. Must Bid/Set to win- This is different from 'bidder out'. 'Bidder out' just means that if both teams cross the point limit (e.g. 500 points) the team that took the bid will win (instead of the team with the highest score). 'Must bid/set to win' means you can only "go out" (end the game) if you took the bid OR SET the team that took the bid. This makes for some genuine end game drama that gets really fun. Trickster cards has this feature. Karman's Pinochle also has the feature 'Must Bid to Win Game' (but including set would be better). Also, did we lose the ability to save hand histories?? I actually used this feature quite a bit to study hands and get advice from more experienced players. It'd be great to see these files back. I know WoC has just undergone a major interface change. But these changes are long overdue and they would really help make WoC the best Pinochle experience possible. I've made a systematic study of all the various Pinochle apps and I've sent reports about missing features to the developers. I'd be happy to talk to you about how I've seen other apps implement these features. There are apps that offer these features but they are often single player or the app's developers are unresponsive to the community. I really believe if we get these features into WoC it will be hands down the best app.
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